Quick Steps to Close your Company

Step 1
Fact Finding – let us know why things are not working out

Step 2
Prepare necessary
documents digitally

Step 3
Submit necessary
documents to SSM

Step 4
Wait for SSM

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What you need to know on dissolution of a company

How long does it take to dissolve a company?
By Striking-off: within 1 to 3 months;
By winding up: minimum 12 months

Are directors personally liable for company debts?
Generally directors are not personally liable for company debts, unless they have obtained advantages from the company unlawfully or are in breach of the duties as a director.

Who can be the liquidator of a company?

Striking-off: No Liquidator is required;
Members Voluntary Winding Up: Director of the Company can be the Liquidator;
Creditors Winding Up: Solicitor, Certified Public Accountant or Licensed Liquidators