Tax Compliance and Advisory Services

If you don’t have any prior tax regulation experience, complying with all the legal requirements can be a challenge. Tax legislations and requirements change constantly and being unaware of the latest updates will affect the way you run your business and potentially expose your business to penalties – if not properly managed. ​

​And if you’re thinking about starting your​ own business now, where and how you plan to​ start your business can have a big impact on your annual tax bill. It’s always in your interest​ to consult with a chartered accountant or tax​ advisor to get it right from the start.​

Our qualified tax compliance and advisory team is experienced at helping organizations understand tax implications of their business model and extract greater value. We advise on your tax concerns and bring in our specialist knowledge to help you manage tax risks cost-efficiently. We cover :

  • Preparation and filing of corporate income tax returns
  • Preparation and filing of Sales & Service Tax (SST) returns
  • Communication with the tax authorities
  • Identification of tax savings opportunities through customised solutions